Kansas Wheat Rx

Kansas Wheat Rx is a combination of suggested management practices for economical and sustainable production of high-quality winter wheat in Kansas.

Wheat Rx is partnership between Kansas Wheat and K-State Research and Extension to disseminate the latest research recommendations for high-yielding and high-quality wheat to Kansas wheat farmers.

Wheat Rx is a series of Extension publications and other educational outreach designed to address key management areas of hard winter wheat. These publications contain recent data based on novel research funded in part by wheat farmers through the Kansas Wheat check-off.

Publications from K-State Research & Extension

MF3587 Wheat Variety Selection 2021 

MF991 Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings 2020

MF894 Management Practices Affecting Nitrogen Loss from Urea

EP130 Foliar Fungicide Efficacy Ratings for Wheat Disease Management 2021

MF745 Wheat Insect Pest Management 2021

MF3383 Wheat Streak Mosaic

MF3198 Identifying Wheat Diseases Affecting Heads and Grain

EP167 Wheat Stripe Rust

MF3235 Wheat Flag Smut

EP166 Wheat Soilborne Mosaic

MF3458 Fusarium Head Blight (aka head scab)

EP134 Tan Spot

EP165 Barley Yellow Dwarf