Classroom Recipes

Bread in a Bag

Pizza in a Bag (Kids Version)

Pizza in a Bag (Leaders Version) 

HBA FACS Curriculum

Baking Food Safety 101

Wheat Facts

Kansas Wheat Facts

Fast Facts from National Association of Wheat Growers

Resources from the Wheat Foods Council

Fun Facts from Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (KFAC)

Educational Activities- Kansas Standards

Estimating Game from KFAC (Standards: Math- Measurement and data; numbers and operations in base ten; concepts of volume related to multiplication and addition. Economics- decision making skills as consumer; products or goods, supply and demand)

Kernel Kids Science Activity from KFAC (StandardsScience: Plant Growth & Development; Germination Study. Math: Applied Fractions and Percentages)

Wheat Germ DNA Extraction from KFAC (Subject: Science and Math, Suggested Grade Level: 5th-6th grade)

The Agmazing Adventures of Flat Aggie- Flat Aggie travels to farms to teach kids and adults about how food is produced. The project is based on the book Flat Stanley and his adventures.

Other Resources

Tiny Farmer Activity Book 


      Parts of the kernel    

Kansas Wheat, kernel of wheat