The truth about Roundup and wheat: support material

Read how Kansas wheat farmers use glyphosate here! 


A recent blog post revisits the Samsel and Seneff publication from 2013 alleging glyphosate residues are responsible for the recent surge in Celiac disease. Specifically, that residues from Roundup “commonly” sprayed on wheat in the U.S. pre-harvest causes gluten intolerance. This report has been repeatedly debunked (see Key Points) and the claim that GMOs are somehow linked to celiac disease has been challenged by the Celiac Disease Foundation itself.

The claims that Roundup agricultural herbicides are commonly doused on wheat crops a few days before harvest is not accurate. It is not routine for U.S. wheat producers to use Roundup, or other formulations of glyphosate, for pre-harvest applications. Although Roundup is labeled for pre-harvest applications at least 14 days before harvest as a desiccant or in order to control perennial weeds, it is uncommon for U.S. producers to make that application. As a point of clarification, in Canada it is more common for label-approved pre-harvest applications of Roundup brand herbicides due to the short growing season.

Key Points