Fun Thanksgiving Roll Shape: Pumpkins!

Posted November 27, 2014

Recipe: Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Rolls from National Festival of Breads website

Divide dough into 2 oz. portions. Shape each portion into a ball. Slightly flatten balls into a disc shape. Place on parchment-lined baking sheet, 6 to a sheet so they don't touch after rising.

Flatten the round rolls into disk shapes.
With a pair of kitchen shears, clip around the outside of each disk to create a pumpkin shape (approximately 6-7 clips around the disc).

Clip around the outside of the disk to create the pumpkin shape.

Pumpkin-shaped rolls for Thanksgiving.
Use the handle of a wooden spoon to make a hole in the center of each pumpkin. This will be for the stem. After rising, use the handle again to make the hole more pronounced.
Poke a hole in the center for the stem, using the handle of a wooden spoon.
Bake in preheated 350°F oven 15 to 16 minutes, or until golden. Immediately after baking, insert 1/2 a pecan in the center for the stem.

Pumpkin-shaped dinner rolls, made from pumpkin dough (from National Festival of Breads)