Early registration for National Wheat Yield Contest is April 1

Posted March 11, 2020

The National Wheat Foundation is accepting grower enrollment for the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest. The Contest is divided into two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.

The deadline for winter wheat entries is May 15, with an early registration deadline of April 1. The Yield Contest provides an opportunity for farmers to learn about other wheat management methods that they could use on their own personal operations to increase productivity. National winners will be recognized at 2021 Commodity Classic.

Kansas farmers receive national and state awards in 2019 contest

Two Kansas wheat farmers were recognized at the 2020 Commodity Classic conference held in San Antonio in February for their successful 2019 wheat crops’ performance in the contest.

Kansas Association of Wheat Growers members Rick Horton and Alec Horton, both of Leoti, won respectfully for percent increase in winter wheat dryland and high yield winter wheat dryland.

Rick Horton receives award in the National Wheat Yield Contest.

Rick Horton receives award in the National Wheat Yield Contest.

Rick Horton had a yield of 132 bushels per acre. His yield was a 340% increase over the most recent 5-year Olympic county average, published annually by USDA. His variety was WestBred’s WB 4515 hard red winter wheat. This variety is known for superior test weight, excellent straw strength, excellent leaf health and considerable disease resistance. It is a medium maturing with medium height. It has poor resistance to fusarium head blight and moderate resistance against barley yellow dwarf virus. It holds winter dormancy well and has good milling and baking qualities.

Alec Horton receives award in the National Wheat Yield Contest.

Alec Horton receives award in the National Wheat Yield Contest.

Alec Horton achieved a yield of 146.81 bushels per acre. He used WestBred’s WB 4792. This medium to late maturing, medium height hard red winter variety boasts excellent yield potential, strong western adaption, good wheat streak mosaic resistance and good yellow stripe rust resistance. It has good standability and winter hardiness. This variety also has good milling and baking qualities associated with it.

In addition, eight Kansas farmers were state winners in the contest.

High yield winter wheat dryland

1st place: Alec Horton, Finney County, yield: 146.81, variety: WestBred WB4792
2nd place: Ken Horton, Finney County, yield: 138.24, variety: WestBred WB4792

Percent increase winter wheat dryland

1st place: Rick Horton, Wichita County, yield: 132.00, percent over county: 340.00%, variety: WestBred WB4792
2nd place: Matt Horton, Finney County, yield: 123.64, percent over county: 286.38%, variety: LCS Revere
3rd place: Jim Sipes, Stanton County, yield: 95.68, percent over county: 268.00%, variety: WestBred Winterhawk
4th place: John Grabbe, Ellis County, yield: 116.80, percent over county: 243.53%, variety: WestBred WB-Grainfield

Winter wheat irrigated

1st place: Brett Oelke, Sheridan County, yield: 132.21, variety: WestBred WB4303

Spring wheat dryland

1st place: Mike Sieck, Sherman County, yield: 57.65, variety: WestBred WB9719

Kansas contestants must be a member in good standing of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers before completing and submitting the NWYC Entry Form, have a supervisor during harvest and farmers must submit a harvest report. Fields must be five acres or larger to qualify. A grain sample from each Contest entry will be required to determine the quality of wheat produced under high yield management practices used in this wheat yield contest. It is imperative to bring quality top of mind to all wheat growers, and the Foundation believes quality is a necessary part to improve productivity. The submission of grain sample will be a requirement to qualify for national recognition.

The National Wheat Yield Contest was started in 2016 to help farmers increase productivity and to help make sure there would be enough quality wheat for export. There are 24 National Award opportunities for wheat growers. Farmers must be 14 years of age or older and must enter as an individual. Multiple members of a family are allowed to enter, but must enter separately.

To find out more information about the wheat yield contest, list of acceptable supervisors, rules and more qualifications visit https://yieldcontest.wheatfoundation.org/ or email sjoehl@wheatworld.com.


By Mary Marsh, Kansas Wheat Communications Intern