Bringing Families Together One Loaf at a Time

Posted December 2, 2021

As our families gather for the holidays, the familiar smells of baked goods — a perfectly buttered warm roll or a piece of pie with the perfect crust — remind us how valuable time together can be. Whether you are looking for a family favorite or something new to add to holiday meals, Kansas Wheat is celebrating how making and breaking bread together is a long-standing tradition.

“As you prep for the coming holiday season, we want to share some of our favorite holiday recipes with you,” said Marsha Boswell, Kansas Wheat vice president of communications. “Even more importantly, we thank all those who support Kansas wheat farmers by including wheat foods in their celebrations with friends and family each year.” 

Kansas Wheat houses tried-and-true recipes and adventurous takes on family favorites at Kansas wheat farmers are the driving force behind, which aims to create awareness of farm and production practices through the lens of food as identity. This site also shares the stories of U.S. wheat farmers with consumers all around the world.

“The food that connects us best is wheat,” Boswell said. “It’s simple. It’s versatile. It’s natural. And it doesn’t matter if it’s homemade for hours or picked up at the grocery store ready-to-go — it’s a simple and natural way to connect to others and yourself.” 

Here are some of our top choices for recipes to try at your holiday table this year. 

Brown-and-Serve Wheat Rolls 

No matter how you slice or shape them, dinner rolls are a staple at any holiday meal. This recipe is designed to provide a tasty way to soak up some gravy, be eaten warm and buttered or even frozen for future use.

Mom’s Favorite Pie Crust

The perfect touch for the holiday table, this pie crust recipe is perfect for your family’s favorite dessert. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate — this crust works for them all.

Smokehouse Cranberry Cheese Bread 

The winning recipe of the 2015 National Festival of Breads combines favorite flavors into one delicious loaf of bread. Smoked cheese, maple syrup and cranberries make a yeast bread that your family is sure to remember. 

Want to take this recipe to the next level? Try out the apple and bacon cranberry cheese bread stuffing using this award-winning recipe as the base ingredient. 

Chicken Stuffing Bake 

Enjoy the home-style taste of chicken, stuffing and gravy with this easy meal. This savory chicken recipe is one the whole family will remember. 

Check out for more quick-and-easy recipes for families with lots on their plate in addition to answers on wheat production practices and stories of wheat farmers. The "Learn" section tackles subjects like: What is gluten? What are the different types of flour? And what are some of the tools farmers use? Consumers can also “Get Inspired” with family activities like salt dough handprint ornaments, gingerbread houses and wheat décor.


Written by Julia Debes for Kansas Wheat