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Kansas Wheat staff go on a Wheat Safari
On August 6 - 7, twenty-six of the nationís most influential food and nutrition professionals visited the Fargo area as part of the second Wheat Safari, hosted by the Wheat Foods Council (WFC). Safari tour guests included prominent food and nutrition bloggers, academics from major universities acros
Plant Prep: Take control of next yearís wheat crop
While 2014ís wheat harvest has been left in the dust, producers are starting to make decisions that can affect next yearís crop, for both themselves and their neighbors. Being a good neighbor is a source of pride for many Kansans, but being neighborly extends beyond lending a cup of sugar every now
Kansas Wheat Signals Innovation with Launch of New Brand Mark
The Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers have unveiled their new brand mark - the EAT Wheat symbol. In addition, the organizations are also introducing a new tagline, Rediscover Wheat.
Kansas Wheat celebrates Borlaug, wheat industry at Kansas State Fair
Kansas Wheat will be hosting a booth in the Pride of Kansas building at the Kansas State Fair. After winning the Grand Champion prize for last yearís Inside Exhibitor, Multiple Booth division, the organizations are planning another exhibit full of family fun and free giveaways. This yearís exhib
Kansas Wheat Yield Contest participants win big
On September 11, Kansas Wheat honored the winners of the Wheat Yield Contest and the Wheat Quality Initiative Contest.