Commodity organizations thank Senator Pat Roberts

Posted October 16, 2014

Agriculture plays a vital role in Kansas' economy. From crops to livestock, Kansas' diverse agricultural industry is a national leader in many respects. But our sector of the economy could not be as successful without support from Congress. 14 of the state's leading ag organizations are excited to release the following letter thanking Senator Roberts for his work on behalf of Kansas Agriculture. 

Senator Roberts,

On behalf of many of the state's agricultural associations, we want to thank you for being a champion while representing Kansas' farmers and ranchers. Throughout your career in our nation's Capitol, your determined leadership on behalf of farmers and rural communities is greatly appreciated. The following are just a few examples of your passionate resolve to assist Kansans:

You have sponsored multiple bills and amendments to halt the EPA's takeover of streams and farm ponds.
You successfully fought to keep provisions out of past farm bills that would have restricted Kansas farmers' and ranchers' ability to freely market their livestock, and pushed back against the administration's attempt to create such restrictions though regulation.
You have been a key supporter of developing the bioscience industry in Kansas, and a champion of the animal health corridor that is having an immense impact on our state's economy and nation's food security.

You have helped farmers and ranchers fight the listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken as an endangered species due to the considerable economic hardship it will place on agriculture production. You have also helped bring attention to voluntary conservation efforts, both private and public, already being taken by responsible Kansans.

Finally, you have been a champion for crop insurance and other safety net programs that farmers and ranchers need to operate.

Thank you for your unwavering service to Kansas agriculture during your distinguished career. We greatly appreciate your efforts and stand ready to serve as a resource to you and your staff on all matters relating to Kansas agriculture.