Pre-harvest weed control

Posted July 14, 2014

Wheat growers who are struggling with large weeds in yet-to-be-harvested wheat should check out K-State Agronomy’s latest resource with herbicide recommendations (

Recent rains in parts of Kansas have caused weeds to begin growing rapidly, and in some cases overtaking fields of wheat that are thin and very short. No one wants to spend extra money on a below-average crop, but these weeds can make harvest very difficult.

There are several herbicide options producers can use as pre-harvest aids in wheat. There are differences in how quickly they act to control the weeds, the interval requirement between application and grain harvest, and the level or length of control achieved. All of them will require very good coverage to be effective, meaning a high gallonage spray volume should be used. 

Producers are reminded to follow all label recommendations when applying herbicides and especially to observe pre-harvest interval requirements.