Faces of Harvest: Greg Peterson, Assaria

Posted July 8, 2013

You probably have heard of him from the YouTube sensation videos: “I’m Farming and I Grow It”, “Farmer Style”, and “A Fresh Breath of Farm Air,” but Peterson Farm Brother Greg is still just a regular farm kid. After he started driving tractor at age 5, the oldest of the Peterson kids became heavily involved in the family farm.

Now a graduate of Kansas State University, he has returned to the family farm to help out and live his “entrepreneur agvocate” lifestyle. While he is bringing in off the farm income from speaking at events and growing the Peterson Farm Brothers brand; when life gets busy on the farm, like it does during harvest; that is where you will find Greg.

greg peterson

Greg Peterson and Zhiman Xiao during wheat harvest 2013.

“It’s my favorite week of working on the farm the entire year. It’s what you look forward to; seeing the whole community come together, farmers all over doing the same thing you are. When you see them taking the wheat to the elevator, you feel a part of something bigger,” said Greg.

Near Assaria, the Peterson Family runs a diversified crop and cattle operation where next to the cows, wheat is their most important crop. As the brothers are the 5th generation in their family to farm, family is the heart that makes their operation run smoothly.

 “Some families have to go camping to spend time together, but we harvest wheat,” Greg said.

During wheat harvest all six members of the Peterson family are out in the field working. This year was the first for Laura, the youngest Peterson sibling, to drive the hay baler as the Peterson’s bale their wheat straw for cattle feed. Meals in the field are a favorite tradition during many farm families harvest time and the same rings true for the Petersons. However, it isn’t Marla Peterson (Mom) who cooks the food, she is too busy out in the field with the rest of the family helping operating the truck. Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bruce are the ones in charge of ensuring that the family is fed, and the time spent together in the field enjoying a meal is something that is cherished by all.

Greg believes that wheat harvest in Kansas is something special and is a one of a kind experience that has to be lived to truly be understood.

“The unique thing about it is that it has to be done as soon as the wheat is ripe it has to be cut. The adrenaline and stress that comes with trying to get it all in before a storm that could wipe out your entire crop; it’s not easy.  The is pressure on but at the end all you can do is be thankful that another harvest is done, and another one is yet to come,” he said.

Each year in the spirit of sharing the story of agriculture with others, Greg tries to bring at least one person who has never experienced wheat harvest out to the farm. This year it was Zhiman Xiao, a friend from China that Greg met at K-State.

This time last year, the first video the brothers created had not yet been published. While life has changed dramatically for them in this year, life on the farm is still the same. Greg says the only difference is the amount of likes and responses he gets from his harvest posts.

As for wheat harvest it will always have a special place in Greg’s heart.

“There is never a dull moment, and it is so picturesque, I think it is really a great time of the year,” he said.

For more of the Peterson Farm Brothers wheat harvest and family, check out their YouTube channel and Facebook page and be on the lookout for June’s “Life of a Farmer” video focusing on wheat harvest.