Faces of Harvest: The Baldwin Family, McPherson

Posted June 23, 2013

After graduating from Kansas State University with a major in agronomy, Adam Baldwin returned to the family farm in McPherson County to become the family’s fifth generation to farm wheat.


From left: Kim Ray, Banks and Adam Baldwin, from McPherson County. (Photo courtesy Baldwin family)

With his wife Kim and 7 month old son Banks, and in conjunction with his father, Dwight, Adam runs a no-till, mainly dryland farm, where wheat is the most important crop.

Harvest is a special time for the Baldwin family; family and friends gather to help bring in the crop. Some members of the group have harvested with the family for more than 20 years.

“It’s a life reunion, not just a family reunion. People from all over, coming together to accomplish one goal and realizing their roles in making sure the job gets done,” Adam said.

Every year Adam’s sister returns to the farm for harvest with his nephew in tow. When his nephew, Rowan, finally got old enough to ride in the combines, and expressed an almost obsessive love for them is Adam’s favorite memory of harvest. Rowan even told the family last year that he “dreams of wheat harvest.” Adam also soon hopes to pass on the tradition to his son.

Just like many farm families, Adam spoke of his mom bringing meals out to the field. She makes a wonderful baloney and cheese sandwich that only comes out around during harvest time.

While the food may be great, Adam’s favorite parts of harvest are the first day, and the last day.

“The first day the anticipation has built up and you can finally go and the last day you have accomplished your task. It’s the middle that is stressful; racing storms and working long hours,” Adam said.

However, the long days and stress are not all on Adam’s shoulders. When that last day of harvest finally arrives the entire team can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy putting another harvest in the books.

“It’s more of the family aspect of everyone coming together that gets the job done,”  Adam said.